Analytics & Reporting

To create customer moments that exceed expectations, foster intimacy, and achieve operational efficiency, it is necessary to have integrated financial, transactional, inventory and customer data access to gain a 360 degree view of the customer.

Our Mobile App Analytics and Reporting tools measure what matters most at all key stages: from first discovery, to download, to in-app purchases. You’ll get a clear view that you can act on to make users happier — and to make your app or mobile website, a success.

The best way to grow your mobile base is to know who uses your apps now, on what devices, and where they come from. Our Mobile App Analytics and Reporting tools make it all clear. Analytics indicating performance- by channel, campaign, store, supplier, customer segment, or sales associate are key into the visibility into the full customer picture. Across all platforms - videos, websites and social tools, tablets and smartphones - we get a clear view and have the ability to act on behaviors to make users happier.

Our personalized analytics platform arms your selling teams, operations managers and executives with the intelligence to:

  • Segment and analyze each customer’s behavior
  • Summarize consumer buying trends and behavior via personalized dashboards
  • Detect cross and up-selling opportunities
  • Monitor sales activity, control inventory and assess store operations
  • View critical metrics by geography on a tablet, phone or any device
  • Manage campaigns and promotions across channels


Our products and services are designed to create immediacy, generate loyalty, and add value by leveraging the mobile platform as the central hub of customer communication.
Mobile Strategy

Everything we do starts with Mobile Strategy; the creation of a clearly defined and strategically-sound plan that aligns with our client’s organizational goals.

VIP Messaging

Powerful technological capabilites that enhance the customer experience and establish trust, convenience, personalization and performance.

Mobile & Hybrid App Development

The mobile app has become the indisputable first-touch for all branded commerce and two-way engagement.

User Experience

Mapping the Customer Experience and ensuring that the customer journey anticipates your needs is essential. This is how we make sure our users are constantly driven to engage our clients more deeply.

Mobile Associate Engagement

The ultimate advantage of any program lies in the ability to use mobile to create human to human personal connections that inspire associates, build trust, and deliver outstanding results.

Analytics and Reporting

Inspiring customer moments are created and measured by having insights into customer behavior, status, location, and habits. Delivering on the promise requires a 360 degree view of the customer.