Melinda Chelliah

Chief Financial Officer



Melinda Chelliah is an inspired, strategically minded CFO that prioritizes people and clients alongside profit. She has been blessed throughout her professional journey to serve as a business and human capital, focused partner of visionary entrepreneurs at The Walt Disney Company, Virgin Records, and Resources Global Professionals.

Since August 2011, Melinda found her dream job with VMBC leading the company’s Global Financial Strategy and Talent Development groups. Melinda is motivated to maximize the greatest value as possible for all Stakeholders. She is driven by her genuine care for others and has the unique ability to inspire people to be the best that they can be.

Melinda loves her three children dearly, is a spin fanatic and passionate Conscious Capitalist.

Years at VMBC

4 Years

Favorite Technical Innovation

DVR and GPS - Entertainment and Necessity

Favorite Inspirational Quote

"The mind is everything. What you think you become." -Buddha

Super Power

My initial wish is to FLY! Who doesn't want the ability to fly like Tinker Bell!

But in reality a better one for me would be Time Manipulation since I could then I could still be wherever I wanted to be, even if it takes a bit longer, and all I would have to do is move the clock back a bit and not have missed a beat. Truly, time is each person's most valuable asset in life. A little more here and there could be just what we all need with our loved ones.

Next on the Bucket List

Mardi Gras and running a 1/2 Marathon in under 2 hours