Pablo Senzanonna

Program Manager



Short career as a musician right after high school, then worked for several years in a retailer that sold suits for men; Pablo moved from assistant to sales manager in a few years; that company broke and he worked as a personal driver for a short period of time. After that he entered as a call center agent at Teleperformance working for MCI Verizon (2004) and moved up to Call Center Manager (2008). With his wife 5 months pregnant, Pablo met Jesse and was hired to work as an SD supervisor. TracFone came in, and that’s where he is today. He started by mounting a 14-people call center in Buenos Aires for Safelink, and today VMBC has a project with over 60 people working in Argentina, with call centers and back office teams outsourced (600 agents), and passing by the 20 million mark on enrollments created.
Pablo has one son (6 years old), a beautiful wife, and a lovely house (thanks to Jesse). Full Story.

Years at VMBC

8 Years

Favorite Technical Innovation

Smartphones. Gotta love and hate them at the same time!

Favorite Inspirational Quote

"Don't do anything that you would not be able to explain to your kids."

Super Power

Flying, Invisibility, and Mind Reading

Next on the Bucket List

Win a grammy.