Esteban Tundidor

“The only time I am not connected to technology is when I am in the shower. This constant connection to technology is fun for me. It is something I love; if you don’t love it, it will feel like work all the time, all day long.”

Esteban is not afraid to admit that, by definition, he is a computer geek. From the time his parents bought him a computer when he was twelve years old, it’s been a tech love affair. He spent his free time trying every program and game available to him; he wanted to know how and why everything worked.

Today, Esteban can still pass most, if not all, of his workday sitting in front of his computer, designing and refining new mobile applications features for VMBC clients. When he’s not working at his desk, his phone is in hand; he’s responding to emails, supervising his team’s correspondence with clients, testing out new features and frameworks for their mobile applications.

“The only time I am not connected to technology is when I am in the shower. This constant connection to technology is fun for me. It is something I love; if you don’t love it, it will feel like work all the time, all day long.”

That love for technology carries Esteban through the crazy days, which he says come quite frequently. As the mobile development leader for VMBC, Esteban is in charge of a team of mobile application designers and developers. One of the company’s largest clients, AMC Theaters, leans heavily on the VMBC mobile development team to establish and maintain the movie theater’s mobile app, so the team’s workload is always high. If you have ever reserved tickets through the AMC movie theater app, you can thank Esteban and his team. You most likely bypassed the ridiculously long lines, and the team hopes your movie ticket purchasing experience was much simpler than it was five years ago, before the mobile app was born.

“We’ve learned to work efficiently across these different levels of intensity,” Esteban says. “As you can imagine, there are very few people buying movie tickets on a Monday morning at three a.m., but once eight p.m. on Friday night hits, there are sometimes 10,000 people using the app at one time. We have to be ready for both, so we are constantly improving the stability of our platform.”

Since August 2014, monitoring progress and receiving great feedback and gratitude from clients and their customers, the mobile development department has been an exciting place to work. AMC has communicated the various positive effects of VMBC’s tech development, and new projects are constantly evolving. “In some cases, the app is even expanding so that when people buy their movie tickets, they also have the option to reserve popcorn and other concessions as well,” adds Esteban. It’s hard to imagine an entire movie theater experience without the lines, but that’s what VMBC has made possible.

After full workdays staring at a computer screen, however, juggling requests from clients and customers, Esteban has found the importance of unwinding in peace and quiet, away from the computer. If there’s a process he values as much as technology that doesn’t require a modem, it’s one that happens in the kitchen. It’s still a series of experiments and calculations, but it goes by a different name: baking.

“I like to bake, especially bread. Well,” Esteban amends, “especially cinnamon rolls. I’ve learned that you need to spend a lot of time and have a lot of patience to make great cinnamon rolls, but once that skill is mastered, the reward is huge.”

Esteban is no stranger to the value in creating something from scratch and sticking with it until it’s a final product. VMBC has granted him the freedom to do this as well; he and his team are constantly throwing new ingredients into the equation, testing something new, experimenting, and learning from the results. Whether it’s a well-developed app or a decadent cinnamon roll, the perfect balance of crispy outside and gooey center, Esteban thrives on starting from scratch and tracing a project until the end product emerges from the oven. Standing back, maybe a little covered in flour, and seeing the finished product can send a rush through the body.

If technology ever gets old, Esteban’s backup plan is a solid one. “I will open up my own store, and it will be based on my personal, perfected, cinnamon rolls recipe. I will be famous.”