Mariana Melchior


Mariana values authenticity. She doesn’t mind making mistakes; in fact, she sees them as a natural part of learning.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Mariana Melchior grew up alongside VMBC. She started six years ago as a business analyst, helping to analyze client needs and working with the technical teams to make sure specific requirements were met. From there, she moved into a project management position and then, in 2014, became product development manager. As she puts it, “When I started, the company was smaller. My growth was side by side with the company.” And she appreciates the upward mobility she’s experienced, especially because it happened at VMBC, where she feels like she’s supported and cared for.

Mariana values authenticity. She doesn’t mind making mistakes; in fact, she sees them as a natural part of learning, and so does VMBC. She says, “Here you can make some mistakes and grow from your experiences. I enjoy my job because I connect with those moments of self-improvement and understand why something is important to myself and my team.”

bios-mariana3In this same way, she believes in practicing transparency with clients. She says it’s important to own up to mistakes and then figure out a way to move forward together. Mariana is proud to build relationships of trust and commitment with VMBC clients. She says, “One of the most important things that you need is trust. To be able to trust, I think that you need to be organized.” And to be organized around a project, Mariana says you need to listen to clients. One of her proudest moments with the company was creating an operations database. The manager was thrilled with the outcome because Mariana had listened to what he wanted and made his ideas into a reality.

Back when she first started at VMBC, she felt that the small group of employees was very much like a family. But she admits, “It’s changing. You cannot keep it the same way.” Mariana isn’t upset by the change, though. She thinks a lot of great things have come from the company’s growth. She especially appreciates changes in the team structure. “We are divided into functional departments. Projects are more organized. Communication with clients is more organized. I think that the structure we have right now is the most stable it has ever been.”

Most importantly, Mariana hasn’t found that VMBC’s growth has affected the heart of the company. She says, “I think that we stand for life. People are not just numbers here. Everyone cares about everyone else.” She says that even small things, like CEO Jesse Crowe expressing how proud he is of the work they do, feel good, because they’re genuine and true.

Although Mariana is not quite sure what direction the company will take after all of the new growth, she’s optimistic. “I think that we still have an energy. I think we need to find our identity. Obviously, it takes time to shape that. But I think we need to try.”