Marina Tacchi


Marina believes in working with passion, because when you don’t, the results show it.

Marina talks quickly and says what’s on her mind. She’s vivacious and quick to laugh. She comes from a passionate family that values love and being true to oneself. So it’s no wonder that she sees VMBC as an extension of her family. In fact, she calls the company “the family you make for yourself” instead of the one you’re born into.

marina2On the day Marina started at VMBC in 2007, many of the other employees were on vacation. However, the first person she saw in the office stopped everything he was doing to show her around, introduce her to the people who were there, and help her find the supplies she needed to begin her day. Her voice smiles as she talks about how she immediately felt at home. And she’d know the difference. Before coming to VMBC, she worked for a huge telecommunications company with more than 30,000 employees. Marina said she felt like a number, not a person, and definitely not like she was part of a team.

Her parents always told her that she should do something she loved and to pursue work that inspired her. Marina believes in working with passion, because when you don’t, the results show it. Once she found her way to VMBC, Marina says she was able to find happiness each day. In her words, “I’m shining most of the time.”

marina3Marina shines because she’s working closely with people she loves and respects. As the office manager, she’s in charge of making sure the people at VMBC are happy and well cared for. She couldn’t be better suited for the job. She greets her coworkers with hugs and kisses every morning. She arranges for fresh fruit to be delivered to the office during the day and, along with the help of her operations team, distributes the healthy snack to coworkers. She loves to arrange parties and celebrations. She smiles and laughs as she talks about all of the balloons and gifts people receive on their birthdays and work anniversaries.

Marina’s passion for caring for people in the company is vibrant, and she often dreams of ways to further benefit her VMBC family. She’d love to see VMBC implement a work-life balance program. Even doing things as simple as taking a quick break away from the computer could help. Marina believes healthy foods and daily exercise breaks are the key to staying alert and productive during the day. She wants people to get out to the park that is just five blocks away and refresh themselves while taking in nature.

“People just get so focused on deliveries and meetings…that sometimes they forget to eat” Marina explains.

How might she accomplish her dream? Well, VMBC is a tech company, after all. They could develop an app, something to remind people to take breaks. But until that’s off the ground, Marina is happy to do the reminding—anything to keep her family happy and healthy.