Sol Altamirano


“We try to manage the time to get things done and fix problems that come up.”

Sol Altamirano is a natural connector. Even her full name, Maria Sol Altamirano Rielo, reflects the union between her parents. In the Spanish tradition, Altamirano is her father’s last name and Rielo is her mother’s; Sol carries both with her.

As a coordinator in the Coordination Services team at VMBC, Sol works with a team of six to assist managers, leaders, and team members in the 150-person office in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Much like the technology VMBC produces, Sol sees her job as one that makes lives easier. In this case, she and other team members organize and execute the administrative work that keeps momentum high: creating and reviewing documents, scheduling meetings, taking minutes, managing calendars, and following up on projects.

“We try to manage the time to get things done and fix problems that come up,” she says.

But the job is much more than handling tasks and streamlining processes. Alternating between supporting and leading, Sol and the other members of the 4CS Team (which stands for Communication, Coordination, Care and Culture), help work groups communicate with each other better and ensure that the culture of VMBC remains collaborative and inspiring. The key to doing that, Sol says, is enjoying building collaborative relationships. Once you have a connection with someone, she says, it’s easier to resolve a problem.

Appreciating relationships is not something new; Sol has always treasured the connections with those close to her.

As a child, Sol admits it: she was spoiled. Not in a bratty way, but as the only child and first grandchild, she was adored by family on both sides. But even as younger cousins arrived, Sol had an innate ability to share the spotlight and nurture the younger ones.

Her parents were great role models for maintaining successful long-term relationships. “They’ve been together for 35 years,” she says. “In this day, it’s not that common.” Family was always important to Sol’s parents. When Sol’s uncle, who works in Paris, comes to town three times a year, getting together for dinner is a priority.

“I think, for me, it comes naturally,” Sol says about the desire to create and maintain relationships, at home and at work.

When Sol joined VMBC in , she was experienced in customer service and support, and was interested in working in VMBC’s quality assurance department.

“It was a really small company at that point, with 50 people. We were like a big family; we all got to know each other,” she says.

As business expanded, managers and leaders needed additional support, and the 4CS team was created.

“I really love my job. We always try to focus on working in small groups because it’s easier to get motivation or help from those who are close to you. The key is having a team you can lean on and show your frustrations or get help whenever you need.”

With VMBC’s growth in the last six years, challenges have also increased. Going from 50 to 150 team members has meant a lot of new faces and new ideas. The beloved culture is undergoing a shift, even though VMBC leaders try to maintain the same feel that allowed the original team to thrive.

“With this new vision of growth and Conscious Capitalism workshops we’re having, we’re in the middle of transformation,” Sol says. “We’re trying to make an impact and improve all of our processes.”

That’s sometimes difficult because the change can’t take place overnight. It can also be challenging to balance the workload from current assignments with projects that come with the new focus on Conscious Capitalism.

But Sol believes she and her coordination team can help the process.

“I get to interact with all the people here. I know all their names and they know mine. If they need help, they can ask me. It’s more fun that way and dynamic.” The challenges keep work exciting, Sol says.

“I get to work and I don’t know what I’ll have to do that day. That’s a good thing.”