• Build your own customized solution from our full spectrum of mobile marketing products.

    Every one of our clients comes to us with a specific set of needs. And each of them has emerged with wholly customized mobile marketing solutions that enable them to start fully exploiting their mobile business and generating a positive mobile ROI.

    By crafting a client-specific program from our wide array of proprietary products within our Marketing, Messaging and Development portfolios, we insure that our clients get what they need in the fastest and most cost-effective manner.

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  • Download our updated 2012 Product Catalog

    We now have our 2012 Product Catalog available as a .pdf for you to download and save to your computer. It's been updated with our new VMBC Local solution offering, so take a look at it today.

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  • Want to know how many customers will be reading your text messages?

    VMBC has been creating mobile marketing solutions for the past fourteen years. Our proprietary and proven opt-in methodologies will build your mobile customer database faster and more efficiently than you thought possible. We are successful at it because we know that any successful mobile marketing strategy starts with the opt-in.

    We can demonstrate the potential size of the mobile database we can help you build. We can also provide mobile marketing solutions with an estimated detailed breakdown of the results you can expect to see from your mobile programs, including an overall GPROI for your mobile marketing strategy.

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  • If you are not meeting the objectives set for your mobile marketing strategy, we can help you achieve mobile marketing solutions.

    We are a mobile marketing business partner for a select group of F100 retail, financial and telecom brands.

    VMBC clients partner with us because our sole focus is the creation of innovative mobile marketing strategies that build large mobile communities of loyal customers. Our proven mobile marketing solutions result in increased sales, greater ROI and enhanced brand identity via the exploding mobile platform.

    Our clients partner with us because they share our belief that mobile is not a cost center, it is a profit center.

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