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360 panorama, Realtime Panorama Creation for iphone and blackberry

A Few of Our Favorite… Apps

March 1, 2013 - Mobile, Reviews, Tablet -

Pictures in stitches and coffee on credit, 360 degree views all within bright shiny apps.

We come across new apps daily for our tablets and smartphones, so we decided to ask around and put together a list of some of our employees’ favorite things.

With iOS having over 500,000 apps and Android offering over 200,000, there is an app out there for everyone. From classics like Angry Birds to Android’s new Mobile Mouse Pro, technology is ever growing and changing.

Here is the list of our favorite apps new and old:

Michael’s new favorite app is 360 Panorama. It allows you to take a full 360-degree panorama image, send it to someone, and if they have a smartphone with a gyroscope it allows them to experience the image in an immersive 360 view. It’s as if you are standing right where the image was taken. View an image of our office lobby… best on your smartphone, but also works on the web. It is currently only available on iOS, but we can’t wait to soon install it on our Android devices as well. It’s currently 50% off in price at only $0.99.

Following with another photo editing tool, Mark just learned about Pic Stitch. You may have noticed the great collage image on our newsletter this month, and it was put together in this simple, free app. They have 32 different layouts to choose from, editing tools, border options (on the pro version), and allow you to upload it just about anywhere – even Instagram.


Molly is still in love with buying her grande Americano with an inch of steamed non-fat milk at Starbucks using her free My Card iPhone app. With such a seamless integration, the ease of scanning your phone at the register and the challenge of reloading your card by the time the barista asks you for your order; Starbucks has led the mobile payment path.

Being a new hire, Melanie is already showing off a few of her favorite apps, and after visiting Disneyland this weekend MouseWait really made her trip a lot more fun. The free app gives you the wait times for all the rides at Disneyland (and Disneyworld) so you can plan accordingly and miss the crowds. One great part about it is that it’s completely user generated. You submit how long you’ve waited and share this information with all the other users. It is not the cleanest or prettiest app, but with food menus, webcams, and live photos it sure does make that time waiting in line go a lot faster!

Long before Siri started talking to us, Joe was already using the free Google Maps Navigation on his Android phone. Offering the ability to speak your destination instead of typing, Google was already ahead of the voice response curve. The application offers satellite view, real time location, tracking, traffic alerts, business overlays, street view, and a slew of other innovative navigation perks. The only negatives to the app- it drains your battery pulling in the high-resolution imagery, and it is not available on an iPhone. Android phones running on Google all come with the app, and will continue to have the upper edge on iPhones which only have directions through Google Maps.

Wrapping up our favorite app list is Greg’s pick for Five Guys. It is a free ordering tool that allows you to order your favorite burgers, save your combos, pay online and skip the lines at pick up. It has a clean interface, 4.4/5 star rating, over 500,000 downloads in the last month, and is available for Android and iPhone. Users seem to be very happy with it, and being able to choose your pick up time ensures that your burger is hot and ready when you are!

With new apps coming out daily for tablets and smartphones what are some of your favorites that we may not know about?

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