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A Friendly Marketing Reminder about “Call to Action” in Mobile

February 15, 2014 - Advertising, Mobile - ,

By now most of us have probably heard all of the good and bad of the Super Bowl commercials. I’m not going to get into specifics of the ads, however, at the risk of being somewhat redundant I am going to chime in on the talk about missed opportunities from a marketing perspective. I am a direct marketer turned mobile marketer. Honestly, when you look at the fundamentals, there is not a lot of difference.

One of the core tenants of direct marketing was and is…Build your customer database! So that is the point of this short blog. It is just to remind all of us marketers that as we engage in this explosive mobile channel with so much opportunity, that the same core tenant of direct marketing also applies to mobile marketing…build the database!

My friendly reminder is for all of us marketers and of course many of the brands and marketers that produced Super Bowl commercials: don’t forget your call to action! It was such a great opportunity, albeit a missed one to engage the consumer by simply asking them to text in a keyword to a short code in exchange for something, it’s a simple value exchange, they give you something, you give them something. Perhaps it’s a video or coupon. Any brand that is investing substantial dollars for a Super Bowl ad can provide something of perceived value.

No excuses!

Building an opt in mobile data base is a gold mine for all companies. It is a critical step in building out the mobile channel and starting to engage your customers and ultimately sell to your consumers… yes, mobile drives revenue! It was missing in so many of the Super Bowl ads. Its reminiscent of the early days of email and companies neglecting to ask for emails, again so many missed opportunities but yes it happened quite often.

It is of course second nature today but let’s learn from the mistakes of the past and not have missed opportunities. Consumers are moving fast with mobile adoption and we need to keep up. So, moving forward as we look to integrate this channel with so much potential, let’s remember in all of our “other” marketing channels, not just Super Bowl commercials but print, email, web, direct etc. to ask the consumer to opt in to mobile!

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