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A Very Happy Birthday to Google…and a review on their new flight search tool.

September 27, 2013 - Google, News - ,

First of all, I would like to personally wish google a very Happy 15th Birthday. From all of us at vmbc, I don’t think we can possibly imagine our lives without you.

And on that note, I discovered a new functionality that google has launched, Google Flights. We believe it is still in the earliest phases but as a group, we have gone through and taken a look at Google Flights and the functionality. Below, I present you with the Good and the Not as Good (because with Google, is anything ever really bad, except maybe that whole Google+ idea?) of Google Flights.

The Good

  • It’s simple. As with everything google does, the layout is clean and easy to use.
  • It’s FAST. No annoying pop-ups and did I mention it’s FAST.
  • The lowest price is automatically displayed on the screen and you can scroll down to view all the different airlines.
  • Not only does it display the prices for the destination you entered, but it displays popular destinations from across the country. Below is an example from a search I did. How clean and simple is that?
    google flight layout
  • On certain airlines, it lets you pick all of your flights on the google application and when you hit book, it takes you directly to selecting your seats. You don’t have to transfer away from the google website until you are ready to purchase (This is not yet available for all airlines but I think it is just a matter of time).

The Not As Good

  • It does not display International flights (yet).
  • It’s limited in the US. For example, it doesn’t let you pick Rochester, NY as a destination or origin (but really, who would ever go to Rochester, NY right Mark?).
  • It doesn’t pull in Southwest or JetBlue flights but neither of those airlines allow for 3rd party bookings or searches.
  • It doesn’t let you select one-way flights.

All in all, it seems like it’s essentially still in beta but is a simple, easy to use flight search tool and as with most things google, we love it! I believe Joe said it best, “Google flights cuts out the middle man, delivers the value (simple search and price comparisons), and it’s FAST. Goodbye Travelocity, nice knowing you.”

Well done Google. And again, Happy 15th Birthday. Thanks for making my life easier day after day after day.


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