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Announcing a New Proprietary Mobile Messaging Solution, V-Push

September 26, 2012 - Business, Mobile, VMBC - , ,

As anyone who reads our newsletter knows, VMBC has always believed deeply in the power of SMS messaging to build mobile communities and engage paying customers. The key benefits of SMS messaging – cost, speed, targeting and tracking – have made it a unique mobile marketing solution.

Now, we’re thrilled to announce that we have launched a new proprietary mobile messaging solution, V-Push that not only builds on the power of SMS but takes our ability to apply behavioral tracking and metrics to your most critical mobile tool: the mobile application.


V-Push is a service that will allow you to deploy push notifications based on specific attributes, including your customers’ level of engagement in your mobile loyalty programs, their historic in-app behavior, their current location and time of day.

With V-Push, you can tailor messages for distinct segments of your customer base, creating tightly-targeted incentives, learning more about their purchasing patterns and influencing intent in ways that were never possible until now.

This technology allows you to take advantage of behavioral insights along with real-time location to deliver messages that are contextually and promotionally relevant to each customer.

Now you can easily create a personal conversation with the entire universe of customers using your app while providing new customers with a compelling reason to get your app today.

Your customers have been asking for it, and now you can provide them with specific messages tailored to their purchasing behaviors, the content viewed in your app, and the products they’re specifically interested in buying.

Call or text Joe at (214) 923-7025 to learn more about how we can help you implement V-Push, or any of our other products, into your company’s mobile marketing strategy

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