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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.
photo showing how responsive design works on a monitor, laptop, and various mobile devices

An Introduction to Responsive Web Design

February 11, 2013 - Design, Mobile, VMBC, Web

Over the past couple years, we’ve been experimenting with a design philosophy called Responsive Web design, and it is something we think holds tremendous potential for our clients moving forward. In a relatively short period of time, it has proven itself to be one of…

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The Future of M-Commerce

January 18, 2013 - Business, eCommerce, Mobile

With twenty twelve off to a great start, CES brought a lot of innovation and new ideas to the mobile world. After getting the chance to learn about the new Nokia Lumia 900, see BlueStack for Windows 8, and immerse myself in all the new…

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screenshot of qr code being read by a mobile device

Follow My Lead: My Five Favorite Mobile Trends

December 27, 2012 - Business, eCommerce, Mobile, News, VMBC

The world of mobile is fresh and constantly evolving- with new innovations, technologies and recommendations developed and released daily. I read and follow various mobile blogs, websites and industry leaders to keep up with this evolution of mobile. It’s summer here in California, which means…

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Highlights

December 8, 2012 - eCommerce, Mobile, Web

With the rise of mobile commerce, it came as no surprise that there was a major shift in the way consumers shopped this past holiday weekend. Traditionally, Thanksgiving weekend is characterized by two main shopping holidays- Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year, however, retailers…

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apple and android logo next to each other sharing the limelight

Android vs. iPhone: Battle of the Mobile Operating Systems

October 25, 2012 - Android, Apple, Google, iOS, Mobile

The team over at Hunch has put together a comparison infographic of how 15,000 people feel about their phones. Interesting facts like how Android users are 12% more likely to own pets or how iOS users are 50% more likely to have used the internet…

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screenshot of android incoming call shortcuts

The Top 10 Phone Tricks and Tips You Should Know About

October 17, 2012 - Android, Apple, Google, iOS, Mobile

The top 10 phone tricks and tips you should know about I’ve had an android phone for years and my first iPhone since the 4S launch, and I’m still learning new things on it everyday! We pooled together here at the office to come up…

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Announcing a New Proprietary Mobile Messaging Solution, V-Push

September 26, 2012 - Business, Mobile, VMBC

As anyone who reads our newsletter knows, VMBC has always believed deeply in the power of SMS messaging to build mobile communities and engage paying customers. The key benefits of SMS messaging – cost, speed, targeting and tracking – have made it a unique mobile…

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Welcome to the new VMBC!

September 2, 2012 - Business, Mobile, News, VMBC, Web

Hello and welcome to the VMBC.com blog; a continuously evolving DRAFT of thoughts and words we dabble in when we are not delivering important initiatives for a number of very brilliant and creative strategists we are fortunate enough to call  “our clients”.  In future posts,…

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