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Buying Paid Media on the Mobile Platform: New Technologies

May 5, 2013 - Advertising, Business, eCommerce, Mobile -

As the ability to deliver more complex messages quickly and easily to your device, it becomes critical to walk a line between delivering the most compelling message and leaving viewers feeling assaulted.

Interstitial messages, which allow for a complete take-over of the screen for the duration of the message, have been historically despised by visitors to websites, and are now a relic on that platform. In order for full-screen, rich-content messages to avoid suffering the same fate on mobile (where the smaller screen sizes only exacerbate the problem), advertisers must first ensure that message will be seen as something of value by the viewer, Every Single Time.

This can only happen when you have established both a robust CRM database and a highly customizable family of messages; that is, when you combine better insight into a customer’s behaviors and goals with a sophisticated message delivery system.

There are three keys to designing this program:

  1. Knowing which offers any specific visitor will gravitate toward: recapturing a relationship has always been infinitely harder that building it in the first place; no where is this more true than with mobile, where the choices and literally endless.
  2. Actively seeking out and respecting their boundaries and preferences: start with respect and visitors will forgive you a lot of other transgressions
  3. Commit to a message mix that includes an array of promotion and offers to ensure that any message has some credible call-to-action

Finally, never forget that every mobile buy is a test, require the same discipline in defining all the possible measures of success and ensuring that results and responses are completely tracked and analyzed. Ultimately, this is the only way you’ll be able to ever keep up with your customers!

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