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Empowering The Mobile Shopper This Holiday Season: A Checklist For Your Mobile App

September 27, 2014 - Mobile -

In our last post, we talked about the challenges and detailed some strategies for retailers in an age where customers expect not simply all available information but access to every product, in every configuration, at the best price… all at the touch of their finger.

It is critical to remember that most of this effort will come to life (or not) through your mobile app. Here is a checklist for your mobile app to make sure you are ready for the upcoming holiday season. While some of this requires significant investment of both time and resources, the reality is that mobile allows your customers to wield far greater power than ever before and those retailers who can support and extend that power will enjoy far greater loyalty and success down the road.

So ask yourself these six questions. Does your app…

  1. Offer easy-to-use store finders? How intuitive and interactive are your maps? Are you automatically working from the device location? Are you logging customer preferences for their favorite location?
  2. Collect all loyalty offers and benefits, for redemption online or in-store? Is your app fully integrated with your mobile program? Are your best customers able to access all their loyalty information and are your loyalty perks available regardless of where your customer is?
  3. Enable customers to find an out-of-stock product at a nearby store? Or, for an even greater impact, letting them buy the out-of-stock product right there in the store and have it shipped to their home?
  4. Suggest other items a customer may like, based on their previous shopping behaviors? How well is your CRM database tied into your app activity? Have you established a single data reservoir for all activity, so that app suggestions reflect in-store behaviors, and vice-versa?
  5. Follow up on abandoned carts with suggestions and offers? Did the customer walk away because they found it cheaper somewhere else? Because they decided not to get it? Or simply because they forgot about it?
  6. Make use of beacons and in-store location-based technologies? Looking at #4 above, are you taking advantage of the latest technologies to guide customers to the products they want most? In-store beacons can make enable every customer to feel like they have a personal shopper guiding them around the store.

Is your app ready for the holiday season?

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