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Making PetSmart Even SMARTER – A Mobile Experience Needed to Accommodate Fur Babies and Their Parent’s Busy Schedules.

October 7, 2015 - Business, Dog, Our Team, PetSmart, Social Media, VMBC - , , , ,

I feel incredibly blessed to work for VMBC.  Unlike other agencies in our industry, we care equally about not only providing the best user experience through our apps, but we passionately care about our client’s and their customers’ needs. Our team is full of bright individuals who truly want to make a difference.  We have found a way to do this through the use of mobile technology, and we love what we do.


One of the ways we evaluate the market to see where a need exists is through exploring the world around us.  Our company recently introduced “Fido Fridays” where we are encouraged to bring our fur babies to work.  There have been numerous studies which prove having pets reduce stress and increase your overall quality of life.  We love our VMBC fur babies and in an effort to take care of them we found ourselves exploring PetSmart.  It was during a recent visit to Petsmart where I realized a mobile app could drastically improve shoppers’ experience for their furry friends and so my story begins…

For most people, our pets are our children. That’s how I feel about my child, Sox. Sox gets treated with nothing but the best love and care… and it’s so crucial that he is fed with the most nutritious ingredients, given he has a sensitive stomach. No really… he is on Prescription food for his sensitive stomach. Like most people today, we are all about convenience and figuring out what works best for our fast pace lifestyle. As someone who recently moved to South Orange County and currently engaging in a “custody battle” with my parents over Mr. Sox, it was imperative I had his essentials at my apartment for his stays.

My husband and I had some dinner plans for the evening, so I knew I had to get in and out of PetSmart as quickly as possible. The first thing I did was open my iPhone – I figured I would need to make a list, and ideally look through the PetSmart app to trigger reminders to myself of what my little guy needed. Unfortunately, there was no PetSmart app L so I went ahead and created my list using my iPhone Notes App. Once we arrived, I went through the aisles to grab his doggie food, treats, bath wipes, leash, and a fancy new 4th of July outfit (for the next day).

Our visit to PetSmart was not as quick as we had hoped, but we were able to get everything for Sox. The customer experience at the store was great, all of the staff members were very friendly, but in terms of keeping up with mobile trends, things could have been a little better. In addition to a ‘buy online, pick up in store’ feature, it would be hugely beneficial to view the merchandise through the app so when we enter the store we would know exactly what we are looking for. Lastly, as I mentioned, Mr. Sox has prescription food and therefore has to go through a different process to receive his food. I had his prescription card (with me), but the cashier had issues with ringing it in. I was requested to go to the Banfield Hospital to get a new prescription ID created. It would have been great to somehow text in the photo prior to find out if there was any issues, rather than dealing with it there. Lastly, I’d LOVE for my Rewards to be linked to my phone via an app so I can see what sort of deals/specials are available.


Overall I still LOVE PetSmart and am so incredibly thankful that they did have everything in stock that I needed. Would I ever stop shopping there? Absolutely not. Do I think there is room for improvement? There is always room for improvement. But the fact they do have great service and are always friendly is why I would continue to shop here. Thank you VMBC for this amazing opportunity – my fur baby and I feel SO blessed and are incredibly thankful!!!

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