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Creating a Device-Specific Experience for AMC Theatres Movie Guests
AMC Theatres Mobile

How we helped AMC Theatres expand their reach and improve the customer experience in the Mobile Space


Our work developing and launching the original AMC smartphone applications resulted in what is widely viewed as the finest mobile app in the movie exhibitor industry. Over time we developed a host of innovations, bringing features including in-app ticketing, virtual reality experiences, a complete loyalty program interface and much more.


Through research of smartphone apps and what makes them great, we discovered an enhanced experience is fueled by both content and presentation. Whereas the smartphone is about functionality (prioritizing information and transaction above exploration and entertainment), the tablet experience should be about driving deeper engagement. In essence, while the smartphone app should quickly and intuitively deliver what a user needs, the tablet app should bring a smile to a movie-lover’s face. With all the success and reception the AMC apps, it became clear there was an opportunity with the AMC tablet app to revisit the architecture and enhance the user experience.


Our solution focused on several key aspects of the tablet experience, including the ability to “fix” the presentation in the landscape perspective, present larger (and consequently more engaging) graphics and visuals, and enable a wider array of customizable dashboard content. By maintaining a landscape perspective, we were able to duplicate the visual impact of the movie-going experience when presenting trailers, one-sheets and other content. Our completely redesigned app navigation lets users immediately understand and access the breadth of app content without leaving or totally obscuring the page they are on.


The tablet app was an immediate success. The AMC tablet apps have been downloaded over two million times, and our user studies indicate that the majority of tablet app users already had the smartphone app, and are using the tablet app as a second screen to access different content: the tablet apps have carved out a clear user niche, over-indexing on delivery of rich content, trailers, and ticket sales.


  • Client AMC Theatres
  • Date 04/05/2012
  • Categories AMC Theatres, App Design, Case Study, Mobile Strategy
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