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Shoes of Prey and Nordstrom Team Up To Create An “Innovative Disruptive” Partnership

September 29, 2015 - Business, eCommerce, Web -

Unbelievable customer experience, technology and fashion converge to create an otherworldly shopping experience…

Shoes of Prey is a global online retailer that has found an especially unique niche in the world of women’s shoes. By the click of a mouse or a swipe of a finger women are able to completely design a pair of shoes exactly to their liking. Founded in 2009, it didn’t take very long for the world to take notice—and one powerhouse in the world of design did, Nordstrom. Both companies have a clear mission which is to give their consumer exactly what they want. However, it is Nordstrom’s long lasting history of providing the best customer experience in the business that make this match-up an unstoppable force.

blog-shoes01Through their partnership they have brought to market something unique and unlike anything available to the masses. They have empowered their consumer by providing them massive customization and personalization. Shoes of Prey already existed as a successful online retailer. However, the partnership with Nordstrom has allowed them access to the benefits of brick and mortar. Concurrently, Nordstrom brilliantly has found another medium to show their consumers how much they care by allowing customers to come into their stores, sit down with a design associate, and design their perfect pair of shoes. Nordstrom capitalizes on providing their first class experience from the moment someone books an appointment, although walk-ins are welcome as well. From the appointment process (which was a breeze and completed with basically a click of a mouse), to the call received the morning of to see if I wanted a drink from the EBar upon my arrival, to the “thank you” letter at my departure—every moment of the process was sprinkled with a touch of Nordstrom love and care. During the appointment the consumer is able to physically see Shoes of Prey samples, touch over 170 different materials from suede leathers, to silk, authentic snakeskin and many more, and is custom sized by an associate. The customer then sits at the design bar, 170 fabric swatches in hand and partnered with a design associate– together they embark on a design journey through an incredibly user-friendly Shoes of Prey 3D Designer accessible on an iPad.


The Shoes of Prey 3D Designer is truly intuitive in its design. Whether accessing on a desktop, laptop, iPad or smartphone, the interface is incredibly user friendly, and although a tutorial is provided at the beginning of the design process, one is not needed to easily navigate from inception to completion. From the design page you are able to select the shoe type you want to design, its materials, the size of the heel, sole, piping, and even custom personalization. You are able to save designs, delete, start over, and edit and can view all custom designed shoes in your “My Shoes” gallery. Once you add your shoe to cart and check-out, Shoes of Prey guarantees your custom designed shoes will arrive at your doorstep within 5 weeks.


If you are concerned that once your shoes arrive they might not be what you expected or fit quite right, Shoes of Prey offers an unbelievable return policy. Shoes unworn within 365 days can be returned for a full refund (minus the return shipping cost), or customers are welcome to design a completely new pair of shoes.

The cost of such a unique experience is actually rather affordable. Shoes roughly range from $170-$280 depending on how much customization is involved.

Shoes of Prey has clearly created an ingenious way to find a home in the design marketplace. But I believe it is the exclusive partnership Nordstrom secured who is the innovative disrupter. In a competing marketplace of brick and mortar stores (Bloomingdale’s, Saks, Macy’s, etc.) Nordstrom has capitalized in bringing their consumers love and care through a little technology. The appeal of designing your own custom shoes is multi-generational. Nordstrom has found a way to not only keep brick and mortar current, but it has accomplished this by converging technology, customization, and world class customer experience.

After experiencing the Shoes of Prey/Nordstrom design process first-hand I’m left with two final thoughts… One, I’ll never enjoy just “purchasing” a pair of shoes again, and secondly, when can I start customizing the rest of my wardrobe?

Shoes of Prey/Nordstrom you have truly carried us into the next wave of technology and fashion and I am eternally grateful.


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