Luciano Caudevilla

Software Development Manager



Luciano is a software engineer with several years of experience and is constantly seeking to develop his career.

He has worked in various companies of diverse characteristics but always related to the IT market. This has given him considerable experience in project development and a facility in dealing with the problems and challenges that arise.

He has been lucky enough to have excellent teachers and mentors both at university and at work, which has given him the knowledge and skills that he applies daily.

In his spare time, he also teaches at a university, and has done so since 2005 – he particularly enjoys this part of his career; impacting others.

While he considers himself an accomplished and experienced professional, he wishes to further his experience by learning new technologies and management skills, in what is an ever changing and developing field.

Years at VMBC

2.5 Years

Favorite Technical Innovation

The implementation of the new mobile hybrid street team application using angular.js, foundation, ionic and the Emerios .NET platform.

Favorite Inspirational Quote

"Life is so much brighter when we focus on what truly matters."

Next on the Bucket List

Continue to grow my family! I have a beautiful daughter and is the most amazing thing in my life.