We're the 4Cs Crew at VMBC

We bring Communication, Coordination, Care, and Culture.
Mantra: Clarity, Focus, Confidence, Courage, Health, Love, and Peace.

Our Vision

Our constituents feel supported and inspired to grow. Our virtuous life cycles are very well organized, nurtured, and each produces more energy than it takes to create and utilize. We are empowered to share our services with more of the world, therefore making a bigger impact on the well-being of our loved ones, communities, and planet.

Our work empowers synergy amongst our team members, our clients, our client’s customers, our stakeholders, and our community. Our approach is to not only improve our employee’s day-to-day activities, but to also empower every level of all that we do.

Our Mission

We facilitate communication between our teams while encouraging respect and connection. We thrive on coordinating our people, projects, and processes to elevate our team’s goals through organization and collaboration. In everything we do, we seek to spread an inspirational culture of enabling virtuous life cycles. We encourage growth through love and personal care. We seek to continually raise the bar while serving with a refreshing dose of humility.


We're the Administration Team at VMBC

We're the Development Group at VMBC

We're the Information Technology Department at VMBC

We're the Operations Squad at VMBC

We're the Product Development Tribe at VMBC

We're the Quality Assurance + Continuous Improvement Services Troop at VMBC