Andrea Rachelle


“When you’re doing something that is inherently good, both internally and externally, it adds up, and it makes sense. When things make sense I believe everyone wants to be a part of it.”

When someone asks Andrea what VMBC does, she always gives a two-part answer. She explains that they are a tech company, who provides business solutions to their clients through the creation of apps, and that they offer marketing opportunities within those apps so that clients can reach their customers. “Then I add the cool part,” Andrea says. “I tell them that we are a conscious company, and that always sparks their interest. They then want to know what it means to be a conscious company.

Before Andrea arrived at VMBC, she, too, was unfamiliar with the conscious business approach. After graduating college with her degree in environmental studies and a desire to focus on wildlife conservation, she was determined to marry work with meaningful impact. She started by seeking opportunities to give back to her community, serving as a volunteer at a local animal shelter, at a foster home for young children, and leading a Skid Row outreach ministry for the homeless in LA. With few conservation positions available in the local area she extended her employment search to what she had extensive experience in, administration.

“From the moment I stepped into the office I was impressed with the people who worked here. They all were equal parts brilliant as they were warm and kind. I knew I would be challenged and I loved the culture.   At first, it wasn’t so much the job that drew me here, it was the people. They were the reason I took the job. As time passed, I started to get a taste of the conscious journey they were on and I was excited to be part of the adventure!”

That was in February 2014, and from that point on, after interacting more closely with CEO Jesse Crowe, Andrea started to grasp the company’s focus on conscious impact on a global scale.

“Anybody that knows Jesse can see he thinks BIG. He thinks holistically of the world, our role in it, and he genuinely cares and works toward improving the quality of life of every single person that he comes in contact with,” says Andrea. In her short time with VMBC, she has see this trickle down to the team; it’s a group of people that truly wants to make a difference.

“Once I saw how VMBC operated, I knew in my heart that I’d never be able to work for an organization that was not on a conscious path. Most companies only care about that bottom line, the profit . . . it’s what you get out of your employees, the focus is on taking, not giving. With VMBC it is the opposite.”

Fulfilling her role as executive coordinator to Jesse Crowe, the CEO of the company, Andrea has a full schedule every day, managing and overseeing multiple projects. These more administrative tasks have not, however, impeded her ability to create impact in areas that are both dear to the company and her heart. When it came time to choose charities around the world as beneficiaries of VMBC’s yearly profits, he put Andrea at the helm. She researched charities, foster homes, and organizations that could benefit from the company’s donations, and spearheaded that initiative.

When determining how to best approach her new project, Andrea felt that creating an opportunity to hear others’ input was equally important as choosing them herself. “We reached out to our team members and asked them what organizations were important to them,” she says. “My inbox was flooded with requests for various causes and charities both locally and globally.”

“Coordinating this process was really cool,” Andrea says. “I was able to do something that I love, connect with my colleagues, and we were really able to make a difference.”

In addition to monetary donations, she and Kellie Hernandez– VMBC’s senior accountant–committed to creating a process that would further the company’s ability to impact the world in a positive way. It is geared towards personal involvement and allows team members the opportunity of donating their personal time to their local community. Sometimes, she believes, it’s the personal interaction that can make a greater difference, and she is excited to see what will come this year. For one, many VMBC team members signed up to for the Rock and Roll Walk/Race in San Diego on May 31st which supports cancer research, and Jesse has encouraged them to invite their families, spouses, and children to attend.

Building a sustainable company requires a consciousness across the whole spectrum, from the individual, to the community, to the global sphere. The team is learning these lessons hands-on as they hold themselves responsible to applying the principles at work and at home.

“There are so many opportunities to become sustainable, we are beginning to ask questions like, ‘Are we using all-natural cleaning supplies, are we buying groceries from local farms and distributors, are we recycling our paper, are we trying to print as minimally as possible, are we offering opportunities to share rides to work?’” Andrea’s voice races with excitement. “There are so many opportunities to reduce negative impacts on the environment and gaining awareness and embracing consciousness is key.”

Recently, VMBC made the commitment to stop buying and using plastic water bottles for every day consumption. Instead, they ordered personal glass water bottles for everyone to use.

Andrea’s favorite part about her job, aside from having acquired a new family and loyal friends, has been the ease with which she can believe in what she does. She’s a logical thinker, she lines up positives and negatives, and with that, she has made her lifetime career commitment to VMBC.

“When you’re doing something that is inherently good, both internally and externally, it adds up, and it makes sense. When things make sense I believe everyone wants to be a part of it.”