Text Message Marketing

text message marketing

No matter what industry you are in, text message marketing can help you engage your consumers and promote your products and services. There are certain constants across all industries when it comes to a consumers desires.  You will set your business up for success if you can incorporate the following into your text marketing campaign.

1. Make Your Text Message Marketing Convenient

It is important to make it as easy as possible for a consumer to purchase your  products or take advantage of your  offers and promotions.  The great aspect of text marketing is that you can clearly define where, when and how someone can act on your latest text message.

Try to not assume that the consumer will realize just how convenient your products and services truly are.  Sometimes you just have to tell them yourself!  Does a charter fishing service also include complimentary fish filleting?  If your service does include convenient extras, be sure to mention them.  The idea is to remove any and all barriers that could prevent someone from taking action on your text message marketing campaigns.

2. Make It Easy To do Business With You

With SMS text message marketing campaigns it is sometimes hard to not offer clients a wide array of discounts and promotions.  However for best results, it is best to design campaigns based on segmented target groups.   Like any other marketing effort, being highly relevant with your offers in your text ads will provide the best response rates.

3. Keep Your Text Message Marketing Strategy  Simple and Clear

It is crucial that consumers immediately feel that the text ad is relevant to them or they will ignore it and this will dilute the impact of future text messages.

Be specific Instead of this: “We are bringing the tropics to the bar tonight.  Swing by at 8pm to see what we mean.”  Tell them exactly what is going on. Send them this message: “We are bringing the tropics to the bar tonight with a live performance from a talented Jimmy Buffet cover band.”

Keeping your text message marketing messages clear and concise helps to make the decision making process easier for your customers.  A mobile marketing strategy should direct people to take specific action because people are more inclined to take action when what they are asked to do is easy, clear and simple.

4. Give a Great Deal of Value

The majority of consumers are interested in saving money. 

Text SMS marketing makes it easy to offer “limited time only” deals on your most sought after products and services instantaneously.  These types of mobile marketing techniques build anticipation and hype and help promote interest in your business. 

If people understand that you offer great deals via text message, they will be more likely to open your text message marketing ad and talk about your company with their friends and families. 

5. Keep Your Text Messages Genuine and Courteous

When someone opens your text message, they are in a way allowing your business into their daily life.  Are all your SMS text messages about your next big sale?  It is important to not continually bombard people with text ads about product offers and sales. 

Being genuine with your messages will help build a better relationship with your customers.  It is very easy to use a text SMS marketing campaign to engage, connect with  and drive long term loyalty with your customers.  

Simple texts like “Have a great holiday” can have a powerful impact.  Be sure to also incorporate relationship building messaging into your messaging programs.

Your customers will respect you and your business for being so genuine.   Keeping it genuine is an important aspect of all SMS marketing campaigns.

Text Message Marketing  Benefits

Connecting and building relationships with customers, and potential customers, is central to every business.  Implementing a sound SMS text marketing campaign into your business strategy can drive incremental sales and build customer trust and loyalty.

Contact us to create an effective text message marketing campaign. We will help you to create a solid text message marketing campaign that will be a central part of your overall integrated mobile marketing strategy.