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The Future of M-Commerce

January 18, 2013 - Business, eCommerce, Mobile - , , ,

With twenty twelve off to a great start, CES brought a lot of innovation and new ideas to the mobile world. After getting the chance to learn about the new Nokia Lumia 900, see BlueStack for Windows 8, and immerse myself in all the new products, I was most impressed with Verizon’s new mobile commerce applications.

Verizon Wireless has teamed up with Alcatel-Lucent to introduce a new retail shopping experience aimed at helping consumers save money while also assisting retailers. Verizon’s 4G LTE is at the center of shopping experience, using near field communication (NFC), cloud-based processing, kiosks and a virtual personal stylist (VPS) to help the consumer save money.

Consumers receive coupons directly from retailers based on previous shopping behaviors and likes, delivering targeted messages and deals that will entice them to shop more and be brand loyal. Once in the store, consumers can interact with kiosks to check inventory, search for other sizes/colors, and even view a virtual image of themselves wearing the garment. Once seeing the garments on themselves, the shopper can ask the virtual personal stylist if the outfit looks good, ask for other recommended garments to go with the outfit, or share the look via social media. From a retail perspective this helps inventory management and leverages the store’s loyalty program. You put the shopper in control, offering them coupons, virtual fitting rooms, and stylists that can help upsell and create an entire look for the consumer.

The idea of m-commerce using NFC, intelligent devices, and apps will create new business models for retailers both in brick and mortar locations and directly on consumer’s mobile devices. This is just the beginning and it is quite exciting to see these ideas coming to life, and companies aiming at helping consumers shop better and smarter.

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