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screenshot of the new target homepage

The New Target.com and More

March 25, 2013 - News, Reviews, Web - , , , ,

On March 23rd, Target re-launched their website and if you haven’t taken a look at it, you are really missing out! It’s simple, intuitive and customized to each individual user. I have always loved shopping at Target but in the past five years, they have really become the leaders in the industry, not only by being one of the first companies to have celebrity designers, but also in the interactive space.

Their goal of achieving the best e-commerce experience for all their customers across all platforms is something that VMBC truly believes in. What their press release failed to mention was that they also upgraded all applications on their mobile platforms to match the experience on their website. The Target iPad home page is one of my favorite screens!

As far as full on integration between all channels, Target has always been one of the leaders and at VMBC, we are continuously impressed by their emphasis not only on an incredible e-commerce experience but also on mobile commerce and getting customers the information they want, where they want it whether it be through email, SMS, MMS, or through a mobile application.

Bottom line, Target, I love you.

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