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Tracking and Measuring Engagement on Social

July 19, 2014 - Mobile, Social Media -

For a long time, there has been a very clear line between Social (that place people spend their time) and Mobile (that place where they spend their money). The reason for this was that measuring engagement rates on social has felt a little like voodoo. Or at least like a moving target that won’t stop moving.

Even defining what is meant by an engagement rate for something as fundamental as Facebook has been hard: engagements divided by followers? Engagements divided by impressions? Engagements divided by fans divided by posts? This is one of those statistics that truly makes lies and damn lies look reliable.

Facebook defines engagement based on posts, either users who clicked on any item on the page in a given day or users who clicked on a specific post over the life of that post.

Performance-Based Social
As with most other things these days, the idea of performance-based marketing in the social realm is taking root first on the mobile platform. As noted above, one of the biggest knocks on social is that – with engagement metrics being all over the board — it has been notoriously hard to demonstrate a clear ROI on social ad spending. And all the major social channels have been working hard to overcome that perception.

Facebook has been making significant strides in addressing what has been perceived as their biggest weakness (the ability to effectively monetize mobile), and are expected to be generating a significant majority of their profits from mobile in the next year or two. And with Twitter’s acquisition of MoPub last year, they have clearly pushed into the realm of effectively managing mobile ad inventory

All of this

Social Mobile
The combination of social and mobile still has a long way to go, but given the obvious possibilities and potential for unprecedented growth, it appears to us that it will get there very quickly.

The ability to tap into mobile’s real-time marketing capabilities and always-on reach with the engagement, loyalty and frequency that comes with social makes SoMo a natural marketing tool.

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