VIP Messaging

VMBC Inspiration Platform: The VIP Solution

In an era gone by, love was expressed through handwritten letters that were whole-heartedly anticipated and eagerly awaited.  Lovers separated by distance were reunited through a letter that reinforced their bond, creating a unifying moment. Today, handwritten sealed letters have been replaced with pixels that are haphazardly sent out to mass audiences. Careless, homogenized messages fall on an audience composed of desensitized individuals.  What if we disrupted this modern day trend and earned individual attention?

VMBC understands that in order to earn love and loyalty, we must first invest and make a conscious effort to care about each customer.  VMBC Inspiration Platform is a solution that combines the traditional art of writing a love letter and combines it with powerful technological capabilities that make it possible to create an individualized experience for each guest.

The VIP Solution creates inspired moments that, like love letters, are awaited, not discarded.  The VIP Solution enables brands to get to know their guests and deliver coordinated and relevant campaigns that combine SMS, MMS, in-app, push, chat, phone, and email channels.  Our Inspiration Specialists ensure that each message is tailored and delivered to customers in a caring and personal way, at the optimum time, on their preferred channel.  The VIP solution enables successful customer communications through anticipatory, timely, personalized moments delivered to each guest based on their preferences.

The VIP Way:

  • Listen and understand
  • Deliver content customers care about but didn’t know they needed
  • Put customer needs ahead of short-term sales
  • Provide continuous support to help customers arrive at better decisions


  • Performance
  • Convenience
  • Personalization
  • Trust

The VIP Formula:

  • Channel in-app feedback
    • resolve customer concerns/feedback via VIP support
    • channel the happy, silent majority of app users into the App store
  • Success agents ensure rapid response to feedback
  • Context and relevance based messaging
  • Segmentation
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Analytics
  • 360 degree view of the customer via seamless integration to back-end systems such as CRM, data warehouses or other third party provider

The VIP Solution’s Result:

  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Increase App Ratings and Reviews
  • Increase Brand Loyalty and Engagement
  • Create Inspiring Customer Moments
  • Enable Continuous Improvements
  • Informed Change Management
  • Create Evangelists
  • Generate Incremental Revenue


Our products and services are designed to create immediacy, generate loyalty, and add value by leveraging the mobile platform as the central hub of customer communication.
Mobile Strategy

Everything we do starts with Mobile Strategy; the creation of a clearly defined and strategically-sound plan that aligns with our client’s organizational goals.

VIP Messaging

Powerful technological capabilites that enhance the customer experience and establish trust, convenience, personalization and performance.

Mobile & Hybrid App Development

The mobile app has become the indisputable first-touch for all branded commerce and two-way engagement.

User Experience

Mapping the Customer Experience and ensuring that the customer journey anticipates your needs is essential. This is how we make sure our users are constantly driven to engage our clients more deeply.

Mobile Associate Engagement

The ultimate advantage of any program lies in the ability to use mobile to create human to human personal connections that inspire associates, build trust, and deliver outstanding results.

Analytics and Reporting

Inspiring customer moments are created and measured by having insights into customer behavior, status, location, and habits. Delivering on the promise requires a 360 degree view of the customer.