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VMBC Takes Notice of Shoes of Prey/Nordstrom Partnership

May 6, 2015 - Business, eCommerce, Web - ,

‘Innovative Disrupters Find Like-minded Innovative Disrupters’

Here at VMBC we consider ourselves to be an innovative disrupter within the world of technology. What makes us this way? Well, we believe it lies in our fundamental makeup. The things that make us unique in our industry we hope will become the norm across all industries in the near future. Our uniqueness is described in different terms from person to person, but some choose to call us “conscious, sustainable, caring,” and even “innovative disrupters.” And all of these descriptions are right in some fashion or another, although it is my belief we more accurately embody all of these terms on some level. Although technology is our business, it is our purpose and mission that drives us every day. We want to make a difference. We want to care for and take care of our stakeholders. We want to give back to the community we call home. We want to provide services to our clients so that together we can improve the lives of their customers. We strive to deeply understand what will make people’s lives better. We want to help protect the environment because we understand we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our lives without it. More importantly, we understand that all of these parts are interconnected and we have the ability to impact them in a positive or negative way. With a strong awareness of who we are and the impact we have, we choose to make conscious decisions that benefit the masses. We choose sustainability. We choose to be caring to the world around us and all the people and living things that live in it. Some believe this is what makes us innovative disrupters. But I believe we chose to be an innovative disrupter.

This is what sparked our interest in the Shoes of Prey/Nordstrom partnership. We saw something special in it that goes beyond the surface of offering their customers a remarkable shopping experience.   We saw glimpses of ourselves sprinkled throughout.

The partnership capitalizes on providing an innovative customer experience through delighting and inspiring the customer. They offer mass personalization and utilize tech to bring love and care to their customers. The design experience, ease of use, and accessibility are second to none. The Shoes of Prey site can be accessed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone and the usability is incredible regardless of the device you are accessing it on. The interface is easy to navigate and can be done so with a touch or swipe of a finger. These are UI design elements that VMBC constantly strives to achieve in our design process as well. We were especially impressed with the UI because we could see that the user was designed for… this is always our focus and we take great delight in seeing others do this well!

Another element of the partnership that impressed us was the way they were using technology. Some argue that technology can potentially isolate us… but the utilization of technology in this instance actually brings people together. By utilizing the Shoes of Prey site in Nordstroms’ brick and mortar stores, technology bridges a creative gap and people are able to interact one-on-one with an associate to create their perfect shoes. The creative process therefore has no limits and people are empowered to be as creative and unique as they could ever hope to be. The result, seemingly limitless mass personalization. Nordstrom plays an equally important role as their partner in that their associates are no longer considered sales agents but service providers— this is deeply aligned with Nordstrom’s famously well-known reputation of providing the best customer experience in the industry. At VMBC we love this approach. We have always believed that technology allows for the ability to connect, to allow for inclusivity, to learn more, and consequently to do more. We strongly believe in the power of serving—serving our clients and serving their customers. This particularly is the reason why we were drawn to the partnership between Shoes of Prey and Nordstrom. We recognize like-minded companies when we see them, and this partnership exhibits many of the same unique qualities we strive to master.

Our hope. Our vision.

Our hope is one day, hopefully in the not so far off future, for more like-minded companies to outnumber the less like-minded in their industries. A societal trend we are seeing is that people want to experience things in a really positive way, and they want their voice to be heard (this trend is especially evident on social media threads). And industry is answering back. There is undoubtedly a movement occurring that focuses on caring for their consumers and giving them what they want. And technology has become the bridge to make that possible.

Love, care, tech… conscious, sustainable… these are the terms that describe the core of who VMBC is. Although we might be an innovative disrupter at the moment who is actively seeking out other like-minded companies… Our hope is one day that innovative disrupters will become an industry norm—that companies will care more about doing what’s right for their customers, stakeholders, and community then what the bottom line dollars read. We believe this is how you build a sustainable company and that this is the only way we can positively impact the world around us. Until the day comes when this is the norm, you can definitely count on VMBC shedding light on other “innovative disrupters” who share that same core motivation, who care to make a difference.

Shoes of Prey/Nordstrom… we applaud you.

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