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Welcome to the new VMBC!

September 2, 2012 - Business, Mobile, News, VMBC, Web - ,

Hello and welcome to the VMBC.com blog; a continuously evolving DRAFT of thoughts and words we dabble in when we are not delivering important initiatives for a number of very brilliant and creative strategists we are fortunate enough to call  “our clients”.  In future posts, I will share more details as to where we are investing our development efforts to enable our clients in this exploding mobile revolution.  It is a fact; the mobilization of enterprises will be the most important marketing and operations initiative over the next five years.  But for this post, I want to jump on the soapbox a little bit and share our background and capabilities for mobile enablement and meaningful customer engagement.

For twelve years our team has specialized in providing new media solutions for Fortune 1000 clients.  We facilitate the enablement and adoption of cutting edge marketing and communication technologies that connect and engage customers in a personal way.  But we don’t just deliver the technology; we help build the strategic plan that ensures the success and monetization of the new customer engagement.

To deliver on this promise, we need to make what’s hard to do; look and feel easy for customers. Thankfully, innovation is a VMBC trademark and our development track record has aligned with the rapid advancement in communication technologies: web, mobile web, mobile messaging, mobile applications, mobile payments, social media and the like. Our client’s success is directly tied to our ability to continuously provide new and relevant product offerings. As technology, marketing innovation, social interactions and device adoption progresses, so must we. Our laser focus on product and strategy innovation adds to our credibility by making our clients more profitable and their brands more relevant.

Innovation however, does not rest.

Innovation is what enabled one of our clients to grow a division from start-up to a multi-billion dollar valuation in less than three years. Innovation is what delivered a new location based messaging technology and created an application that launched at number one in the app store. Achieving such performance for our clients requires a strategic approach to the business opportunity and most importantly, buy-in at senior levels in the organization. Ensuring superior performance also requires us to connect “likes” to revenue and to be adept at rapid and efficient implementations that create ‘unfair’ competitive advantages. But competitive advantages disappear quickly, so we also commit to constantly creating new ones that delight our clients and engage their customers.

If you have spoken with our clients or witnessed their performance, it is clear that enabling, delivering, and driving incremental ROI is what we do. We do our best work when we are not the smartest person in the room. We do our best work when we listen to our clients…and to their customers. We also love a challenge, the bigger the better. There is an old saying that goes like this; ”If you want to get something done…get a busy person to do it”. Our clients know that if they want something done, they give us the opportunity to do it. We are busy, we are growing and we get it done.

Self-promotion of VMBC is done in our free time and (in this case) is relegated to a late night effort. We think of ourselves as an “old school” business that grows our revenue by achieving breakthrough results for our clients. It is my firm belief that great things happen to companies who take really good care of their customers (I’m a huge fan of Steve Jobs). We are blessed in that we have been able to grow rapidly and are now hiring brilliant people who love tech, are digitally literate and do not comprehend the word failure. Success means we need new recruits and they need to know a little about the team they will be joining – so here we are. Please feel free to join in the discussion; we’d love to hear from you.

BTW; if you are still reading this – thanks.

Future posts = (less self-promotion) + (more usable content)

You will also be seeing contributions from our people, the true drivers of our success. I’m proud to lead a team of entrepreneurs and innovators who have found a place to thrive here at VMBC. We will all be focused on a myriad of topics; social transformation, new technology developments, emerging mobile technologies, disruptive marketing strategy development, mobile marketing strategy creation, social CRM, aapl, goog, and anything else that interests us…and hopefully, you.

If you think you could find a home here…send your resumes directly to me.

Jesse Crowe 

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